Hi there, now if you have read my Bio, then you will have a rough background of who I am and maybe where I am coming from:

Three things influenced me to create this Blog site:

  1. I am an Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur, who has seen that the digital economy is the way forward for ALL of us. I do want to help people experience this for themselves and help you make your own decision as what you want to do. I promote a genuine state of the art company that has been in operation for over a decade now, they are leaders in the field of Digital Marketing Training and their success in the digital economy is proof enough. They are not a”Quick Fix” or “Get rich quick scheme”, but offer a long-term investment/ training opportunity. So if it is a career or career change you are looking for, then you are in the best place to decide.
  2. Being in recovery from addiction, after the first 2 years, my life did begin to look vague. I, fortunately, was given an opportunity to train and work, as an Addiction Counsellor, but I know many people are still very undecided or unsure what their next step will be in life. Many people cannot return to their old careers, as that could be a risk to their recovery. This is a dilemma for many and it is almost like being back at your last year of High School, where you have to decide what your life career choice will be. Can you remember that pressure? Digital is the future, but if you don’t give it a try, you won’t know.
  3. I am a father, and my family comes first in my life. My wife and sons aren’t just my family, they are also my best friends. We do everything together and get on well with each other. Some people might think this strange, but for me, it is not. When I was growing up, family time was precious, as it was limited. Having quality time with my Dad, was infrequent. He worked hard, was caught up in the “Rat Race”, which also included weekends on the Golf Course. At the time I just took this as normal, but it was only after he died, that I realized just how much I missed him, and not only since he had passed away, but all my life. I wish we were closer. Life is short and I’m adamant not to repeat the same with my own kids. Being an Entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family, as I will be my own boss and can work my own hours. For me, and thousands of others, that is the “Laptop Lifestyle” Can you afford not to?
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